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Fragrance revolution takes the green road

Danielle Ryan, founder of Roads, spearheads a fragrance revolution with an eco-conscious approach. Through a partnership with Hometree, a tree is planted for every perfume sold. Ryans vision seamlessly blends luxury with environmental responsibility, positioning Roads as more than just a fragrance brand – it’s a catalyst for positive change.

Rick Owens’ go-to toothpaste

In a world fixated on facial and bodily beauty, Selahatin emerges as a transformative force, reshaping luxury from a fresh perspective. Crafted by Kristoffer Vural, whose personal journey sparked a reevaluation of daily rituals, Selahatin’s oral care range transcends routine, turning the mundane into moments of indulgence.

Unveiling the Swedish secret

Nestled in the pristine landscapes of northern Sweden, Björk & Berries shines as a leader in skincare and fragrance. Rooted in its homeland’s essence, the brand pioneers a farm-to-bottle ethos, sourcing essential ingredients from its own farm.

Rhizome’s new take proved popular among influencers

Departing from the realm of overpriced luxury, Rhizome advocates for simplicity, quality, and affordability. “Exceptional fragrances need not be extravagantly priced,” asserts founder Stefano Aschieri. This innovative stance challenges prevailing industry standards, placing emphasis on unforgettable experiences rather than exorbitant costs. Rhizome’s take on luxury has made the brand extremely popular among influencers who are always looking for brands that dare to challenge the conventional.

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