Rhizome’s new take proved popular among influencers

Departing from the realm of overpriced luxury, Rhizome advocates for simplicity, quality, and affordability. “Exceptional fragrances need not be extravagantly priced,” asserts founder Stefano Aschieri. This innovative stance challenges prevailing industry standards, placing emphasis on unforgettable experiences rather than exorbitant costs. Rhizome’s take on luxury has made the brand extremely popular among influencers who are always looking for brands that dare to challenge the conventional.

Established in 2019 by Stefano Aschieri, Andrea Aschieri, and Dario Pozzi, Rhizome represents a creative endeavor aimed at disrupting the perfume market. Rhizome dares to defy industry conventions by placing simplicity, quality, and affordability at the forefront. The founders firmly believe that extraordinary fragrances shouldn’t be accompanied by a hefty price tag, and they are dedicated to ensuring accessibility for all. “Fragrances are about crafting lasting memories,” affirms Stefanos co-founder Dario Pozzi.

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