A new layer to your brand

We understand the importance of creating an unforgettable experience for your guests, and our bespoke products will take it to a whole new level.

Our team of experienced perfumers and designers will work with you to understand your brand values, color scheme, and overall ambiance to develop a signature product that perfectly complements your brand. Some of the hotels we have created bespoke products for are Haymarket, Downtown Camper, Lily Country Club and HOBO.

The road to perfection

We work closely with our clients to develop products that embody their brand values and enhance the guest experience. This is our process.

1. Let’s talk

Everything begins with a meeting where we go through your needs and expectations. And of course we get to know each other.

2. We study your brand

We do our homework so we’re able to bring forward products that perfectly complement your brand.

3. Scent session

You visit our factory in Stockholm and get to try a range of fragrances. We guide you through the world of scents, their meaning and perception, then you choose the best for your brand.

4. Something to look at

We produce a design proposal based on your graphic profile. This is where it begins to feel real.

5. Almost there

This might be the best part. You receive a selection of samples to approve. Take your time. Look, feel, smell, dream.

6. Like clockwork

Once the products have been finalized and produced, we carefully package and ship them directly to your properties, ready to be enjoyed by your guests.

Ready for a talk?

Made in

Our manufacturing process in Stockholm is one of a kind. We combine modern solutions with genuine passion to create products that provide your guests with a truly luxurious experience.


History meets contemporary luxury.

Downtown Camper

A haven for modern-day adventurers.


The epitome of urban cool.

Lily Country Club

A hidden gem in the breathtaking landscapes of Norway.

Hotel Riviera

A coastal gem with a vibrant atmosphere.


New England aesthetics with a Scandinavian twist.

Don’t be ordinary

Let us help you create a truly unique experience for your guests, and see the difference our products can make.


At our company, sustainability is not just a buzzword. It’s a core value that drives our entire business. We always aim to lower our footprint and we believe that high quality and luxury can be achieved in a sustainable way.

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