Founded in 2017 by Ted Rohn, the inception of Raer Scents was driven by a quest for a perfume that not only resonated with modern sensibilities but was also grounded in sustainability. This search for the elusive perfect scent led to what has now evolved into a meticulously curated collection of ten perfumes, each embodying the brand’s foundational ideals.

Raer Scents is a modern natural perfume house. We create unique 100% botanical perfumes using only sustainable rare plant ingredient

We craft all our perfumes by hand at our Atelier in the heart of Berlin-Mitte.

Each of our perfumes begins with the inspiration of a single rare ingredient. We search the world for extraordinary natural plant extracts of incredible quality. When we find something exquisite, this ingredient becomes the centre of a new Raer Scents perfume

Product range: RAER

Products Hand & body wash, hand & body lotion, conditioner, shampoo
Product line 100% Botanical
Packaging HDPE semitransparent
Size 500 ml
Formula 98% natural, 100% botanical fragrance, vegan

Product range: RAER

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