Stora Skuggan

Translating to “Big Shadow”, Stora Skuggan transcends the traditional fragrance journey, offering a sensory canvas that harmonizes with the rich narratives and mythologies embedded in every creation. Each fragrance is a meticulous blend of unique ingredients and creative compositions, crafting olfactory masterpieces that defy convention.

Echoing the audacious steps of a new generation of perfumers taking unconventional paths to achieve a level of artistry that seemed unattainable in previous decades.

Stora Skuggan embodies the spirit of modern-day explorers, perfumers, and avant guarde alchemists pioneering an artisanal approach to fragrance creation, unbound by traditional structures or expectations.

Product range: Stora Skuggan

Products Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, hand wash,hand cream
Product line Thumbsucker
Packaging PCR plastic
Size 300 ml
Formula 97% natural, vegan

Product range: Stora Skuggan

Product line White Material
Packaging Sugar cane plastic
Size 400 ml
Dimensions 160x50x50
Formula 90% natural vegan and organic ingredients

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