Since its inception in 2019, RHIZOME breaks away from old school fragrance paradigms to offer something fresh, accessible, and unapologetically bold. Showcasing a variety of unisex Eau De Perfumes, candles, and room fragrances designed for those who dare to be different. RHIZOME sets it’s sights towards the younger generations, addressing the desires of those often overlooked by the big names in the industry, offering quality and excitement without the pretense of faux exclusivity or prohibitive pricing.

RHIZOME embodies the spirit of innovation, inclusivity, and genuine engagement, making the luxury of fragrance a fun, playful part of everyday life.

Product range: RHIZOME

Products Hand & body wash, hand & body lotion, conditioner, shampoo
Product line Oxe Eye
Packaging HDPE transparent
Size 300 ml
Formula 97% natural, vegan

Product range: RHIZOME

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